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The second and final beings created by Cha were the Aten. The purpose of the creation of the Aten was to protect the creations of Cha and to populate the world of Uthrac with all forms of life.


Three primary Aten were created with immense power bestowed on them from Cha’s own limitless power. The three Aten were linked to Cha. These were called the Dyne, and their names, given them by Cha, were Nim, Zin, and Wircroix. These created the primary races of the world.


Of lesser power were created the Terra Aten. The seven most powerful of these were called Serek, Coelcoeth, Stile, Akuji, Anavrin, Pelmone, and Orag. These were given the tasks of creating the lesser creatures that were to be ruled by those created by the Dyne.


The Joradrim Aten were the most numerous and least powerful of the Aten. The most notable to the history of Uthrac are Tonashu, who created language, Bha’mut (also called Mut), who created law, Yawta, who created honor and pride, Mordis, also called the blood god, who taught the Dyne’s creations blood magic, Oksana, who established order within nature, Tenzan, who established the first cities, Vashnu, who left the great citadel and dwelt among men, taking a daughter of them to be his bride, Tlik, purveyor of wisdom and order, Wexler, the creator of force and war, Din, a shape-shifter and finally Mezghul, and Devaron, the strongest of the Joradrim.




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