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Battle of the River

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A battle fought at the North Fort which was under the watch of the elite Kaelian soldiers Trag, and Yuen. Two other notable Kaelans were present, a cleric named Alysis and a female captain by the name of Lara.

For a month the North Fort had been quiet. There was no spawn activity, and no patrols from Tier.

Before this battle, the previous week, a merchant train from Cairn had been attacked by spawn from the Great Mother's Undercity, and everyone in the caravan had been killed.

A troop of Tieran soldiers headed by the Captain of the Guard, Stilicho, who was accompanied by lords, maven, and Tieran soldiers, Aandain, Dogar, Connor, Fili, Fogan, Zephr, Lucide, Kyur, Rene, Stilicho, Setzer, Zakath, and Zao, were heading into the desert wastes east of the Western Ambros to destroy the band of spawn.

When the Kaelan soldiers saw the Tierans advancing on the fort they demanded them to stop.

Routinely, the Kaelans usually allowed the Tierans passage into the wastes without question. Yuen insisted the soldiers show them orders from their king before they would be allowed passage.

Stilicho, having no written orders, commanded the troop to ride past the fort and bypass the Kaelie patrol.

This sparked a confrontation between the two groups, leading to the deaths of all the Kaelan guardsmen. Several Tieran soldiers were injured, and under a hail of arrows from Kaelan Elite Archers in the fort, the Tierans rode back to Tier to report the incident.

This event was one of the main catalysts that led to the Fall of Tier.

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