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Beniah the Ender

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The origin of the man named Beniah was hidden to most until it was revealed by the Sect following his death.


Beniah was born in the frost wastes of Icthia. His father Baraman was a great warrior under the war chief Zalla. Zalla and his warriors were the last of the clans to hold out against the war king ???? who was trying to unite the clans of the wastes. Zalla made a final stand with his men at the Fog Cliffs where they were soundly defeated by a much superior force. Baraman had a son by a Cairnan woman by the name of Mildra. She grew ill and died leaving her son to her brother Ruthra Bryin a Palad in the Queen's Guard at Cairn.

Early Life

Bryin raised Beniah in the Queen's barracks. Beniah did the same chores as the other stable hands and was allowed to live with them in the stable bunk house. Beniah was always quiet. He never spoke unless he was spoken to. He never asked for anything whether it be food or clothing.

One day while Bryin was with Beniah in the market, they passed by a smithy where an ironworker had on display several weapons ranging from swords, to axes and spears. Beniah tugged on his uncle's sleeve and simply pointed to the sword propped up against the table. Bryin, surprised at the boy's action, knelt down beside his nephew and asked him softly if he wanted the sword. The young Beniah nodded and returned his gaze to the weapon. Bryin smiled and stated that Beniah would have that sword if it cost Bryin the world. The price of thirty silver was not the world, and it was a price Bryin was willing to pay for the one thing it seemed that had captured Beniah's attention. Beniah and his uncle walked back to the barracks, the unwieldy sword tucked beneath Beniah's left arm.

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