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When Fogan died during the fall of Tier, his spirit entered the spirit stream. His great power as a kith preserved much of who he was when he lived. During the Battle for Tier after the return of the Exiles, Tlik summoned Fogan back to help turn the tide against Gersh. The feat had never been done, and Tlik recieved much repremand from Serek. However, Fogan appeared and destroyed Gersh, immediately disappearing into the void, a thin world between life and death. Fogan slowly remembered who he was, appearing at different times to aid his allies. He took the name Fog. His powers were tremendous. During Stilicho's assignment to destroy Devaron, Fog accompanied him on the Journey, being part of the reason Devaron was defeated. Fog would meet his end when he consumed the spirit of Kelshek during the final battle. There has only ever been one Ether.





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