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Falcon's Nest

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 Falcon's Nest began as a fortification built along a horse trail during the Return. Baston Are Stilicho built a string of fortifications through the region of Camaan to prepare for the returning exile armies to retake Tier. This fort, built right in the center of the region, became Stilicho's Falcon Army's home base following the retaking of Tier. Originally called South Fort, it was renamed to Falcon's Nest by the locals who began to settle in the area. As the Falcon Army continued to provide safety from the roaming bands of dagashi, more and more people began to build homes around the fort. Upon Stilicho's banishment from Tier, he set out to make Falcon's Nest a strong self-sufficient city. The original fort still lies at the center of the town and is where Stilicho and his captains keep residence. There is currently no permanent stone wall around the city, but plans are in place to build one. The legitimacy of the town's autonomy came into question immediately after Stilicho's banishment when Stilicho ordered his men no longer to protect the Queen's Road from dagashi. The Queen and Stilicho had a disagreement on his duties in the region. When the Queen mustered an army to take Falcon's Nest, she was met with an equal force headed by Stilicho and his captains and Stilicho's allies from Bria and Unger. The northern border of Camaan was designated by Stilicho as the border of the authority of Falcon's Nest.




Excerpt from The Histories:


The High Captain surveyed the army assembled before him. The flat plain here was filled on both sides by the mighty horse armies of Cairn and the heavy infantry of the Falcon Army. The Queen had indeed underestimated this outcast from Tier. The men standing before him were not thugs or roaming bandits. Sitting atop their mounts, these captains looked like hardened veterans from not a battle, but a war. The High Captain looked at the squabbling nobles waiting next to him. None of these could be trusted. The men before him now, the captain betted, Stilicho trusted with his life.


The captain Sould, Stilicho's second, magnificent in his armor, measured the High Captain with steely eyes. He put the question to the High Captain again. "The Commander, Baston Are Stilicho, requests that the Queen reconsider trespassing on the lands of Camaan with her army."




The primary export of Falcon's Nest is potatoes, which is also the primary source of food and occupation. The small port, Dunanet, also built by the army, provides the town with imports and fish. The army polices the city, and crime is very low. The captains and a town council meet to discuss city planning etc. Stilicho ultimately has say on all matters, but generally leaves the city management to the council and his captains. The small navy consists of two anchor class shovals purchased by Stilicho.

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