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Fall of Tier

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Occurs on, 24 . SS . 999 IIIE. (The 24th day of Summer in the third eos.)

This is the name of the battle given to the events that transpired on the evening of ????? during Festival of Roses.

In retaliation for the Battle of the River and the poisoning of General Kael, the leaders of Kael's military struck back at Tier, reducing it to rubble.

Members of the Wolfpack planned out the raid upon Tier. The plan called for Janus, who posed as a Shinarendrettan merchant, to enter Tier and hide out for a week gathering intelligence. During the planned night of the attack, Janus assassinated General Amos and several officers inside the city while everyone attended the festival in the courtyard of Tier.

An assault led by Lord Rem at the fabled North Gates drew the attention of everyone in the city. Learning of the death of their general, and the immediate threat of attack, sent the entire city into turmoil and disarray.

The Protector of Tier led several of his pupils on a suicide mission into the fray beyond the gates and ordered them shut. His last known words were in response to a pupil's question, "Sir, we can't hold them out forever!". The Protector replied, "You lived for this city, now you shall die to defend it!"

A Shinarendrettan fleet lay in the port of Tier, an escort to the princess of Shinarendretta, who was there sealing a treaty between Tier and Shinarendretta during the festival. The princess was immediately escorted to her ships by her soldiers, while the Tierans marshalled their defenses. Many civilians and nobles boarded these ships and used them as an escape route.

The captain of the guard, Stilicho, organized a small resistance force at the North Gates, who were already under heavy stress from attack from the outside.

When the North Gates were destroyed the Tierans pushed out into the front of Kaelan hardened veterans, who were now being led by Lord Aralias. Aralias had Lord Rem dragged away to lead the attack at the eastern gates of Tier.

The two-pronged attack crafted by Rem was made possible by the opening of the eastern gates by Janus from the inside. Janus succeeded in opening the gates, but was killed by the maven Traum for his efforts.

The defense at the North Gates was strong, but eventually Kael's might pushed through the Tieran ranks. The defenders of Tier were sent scattering in all directions, fleeing for their lives.

The weakly defended east gates fell quickly to Kael's second attack. Lord Rem led an attack on the Palace of Tier and killed the king.

The Kaelians secured the city through the night, fighting minor skirmishes along the city streets. Citizens who did not attempt to fight back were allowed to live. Some of these were allowed to remain in the city following the battle.

The last major battle that evening took place at the Maven Tower. There Zephr and his young pupils fought hard to defend the Tower and it's secrets. Traum came to Zephr and made a spirit gate to help some of the students escape along with the most precious relics, texts, and artifacts from the years of the Tower's existence. Zephr stayed behind and was killed when Kael's own powerful maven overpowered the Tower's defenses.

Throughout the night small skirmishes took place all around Tier as far south as the lands around the city of Kael.

Many Tierans fled to Cairn, but many more fled to Shinar, where through the efforts of notable figures such as Fermafi, they began a new settlement there west of Los, called New Tier.

The Kaelans rebuilt and renamed the city of Tier to Stonehouse. It would remain in Kael's grip for twenty years before the Return.

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