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Began in 1998 as a text-based multi-user dungeon, Act of War quickly became a popular game in the MUD/MUSH community. Henner Mohr and two associates ran the game until retiring from the project and giving the administration to Coelcoeth, who would later give it to Morpheus. Dan Hanson would pick up the project next. A current version of the MUD can be found here. The administration is now headed by Sagan. This rendition of the code is the most stable and is undoubtedly the best version to date.


Act of War has existed in numerous forms and chapters over the years. The current version is running as Chapter VI: The Eternal Battle. The chapter is set in the period before the events of Chapter 0. Tier and the spawn of the Great Mother, an evil being whose only desire is to destroy the world of men, fight for control of the lands occupied by the Tierans. Choose your side and enter the world of Act of War.


During the course of it's existence, the world of Act of War has expanded with it's own history and lore. This wiki's purpose is to chronicle the vast history of the races and events of AoW.



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