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Magic is the name given to the energies found in the different planes of the universe. At this point there are six discovered magics.


Spirit Magic


Spirit magic has always existed. It's energy comes from the spirit stream. Spirit magic is the one magic able to be used by every race in the universe. Because spirit energy is required for life to exist, it flows through every living thing.


Spirit magic has rejenerative properties and can influence every living thing. Spirit magic is what gives life to the forests and natural world.


Spirit magic is primarily used by the Eldrin, who use the magic to help nature grow.


Blood Magic


Life requires both spirit and blood. When Cha created the Charu, he created blood. With the creation of blood, came blood magic.


Blood magic is one of the magics available only to Kith and Eldrin. Using blood magic is exceedingly taxing upon the individual using it because it draws from both blood and spirit. Excessive use can lead to coma and death.


The use of blood magic waned as civilization grew. Humans feared it's misuse. Many rogue Maven had become quite skilled in the use of blood magic and in some cases used those powers to increase their own strength or kill.


Blood magic was taught to the Eldrin by the Aten Mordis. He taught it to the Eldrin because of its ability to heal wounds and treat the sick. Mordis became the favored god of the Eldrin because of this gift.


The secrets of blood magic were hidden by the Eldrin to protect the races from it's misuse.

The strongest being to ever wield the power was Lacatus, a Kith who was driven from the world of men because of his malpractice. He was eventually employed by the Mother because of his strength in the art.


In the Maven Tower three maven are trained in the use of blood magic per generation. Should one of them use the magic for evil, the other two would be assigned to bring the rogue to justice.


The Palads of Tier consider all Maven dangerous and untrustworthy. They also abhor the worship of Mordis who they believe to be evil.


World Magic


The third magic known to the races is world magic. This magic is a byproduct of nature. It's uses have a wide range. Unlike the other magics, world magic can only be found in nature, whether that be by a brook or stream, or a forest of trees.


Simple uses may be the creation of fire, or a breeze. In some cases, certain forms of world magic can only be used in certain places.


Chaos Magic


Chaos energy was created when Kelshek and his armies destroyed the universe in the past. Streams of the energy were scattered around the universe during the battle between Kelshek and Cha following the creation of the Charu. It's purpose is destruction.


Chaos magic does not exhaust or deplete the energies of the one using it. Because of this, the desire to use it is strong. It's use has been forbidden by the races of the world.


The Maven Gersh was quite skilled in the use of chaos magic. His efforts to destroy civilization and make himself ruler of Uthrac began a chain of events that would lead to Kelshek's prison falling upon the world.


The Corruption or Rot Magic


Vasha, or the Matron Mother using her half-aten heritage, fationed a new type of magic. Her corrupted spirit was the source of the magic. Everything around her becomes cursed, bending towards a darker, baser form of itself. The magic disfigures and corrupts everything near it. Reversing the effect is almost impossible in living creatures, however nature can be purified by Eldrin practicing world magic.


Shadow Magic


Shadow magic was created when Kelshek corrupted the spiritstream on Krayten. Absorbing the power and infusing it into his minions gave him and his creations the ability to use the magic. Gersh is resurrected through the power of shadow magic, giving the former Vaga the ability to use it.



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