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 A Thousand Lights Festival


Began as Seeri (named after the seeri people who celebrated the deaths of their fallen). The festival begins on the fourth day of the summer season. During the week prior to the festival, people prepare lanterns and candles and small floating rafts in preparations for the event. Just before sunset every instrument used to produce light in the cities and countryside, whether it be candle or bonfire, is lit. Strings of colored lanterns are hung in the local forests and all through the villages and cities. Candles affixed to floating devices are lit and set at lake or sea, all signifying brilliant life and it's passage into death. With the discovery of fire sticks and blast caps, brilliant shows of colorful explosions illuminate the skies. Long speeches are given by minstrals, rangers, and bards, detailing magnificent feats of bravery by legends of the past. The Line is a tradition where people form long lines by holding onto the shoulders of the person in front of them. They dance around as they form a long train through city and countryside.




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