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The Kingdom of Soren


Southwest of Andar, away from the rest of civilization, beneath the shadow of the Grey Mountains, lies the kingdom of Soren. The kingdom is populated by powerful knights who follow the strict code of their line of knight kings. The code is enscribed on the Hammaka Tablet, a huge granite stone. The knights upon reaching the age of fifteen, go out into the world as errants, to wherever they can lend their aid against evil. After earning the respect of those they serve tirelessly in their efforts, they may return to become full knights, provided they have some proof of their deeds. Years before the first war between Kael and Tier, many of these errants joined battle with the Tierans against the Madras in Dragon Mountain. Via a portal opened by the powerful maven knights present, a link was forged between the two kingdoms. Many errants died fighting against the horde of the Madras, but through their efforts, Tier was able to become a powerful kingdom. Borrowing the same Hammaka Code, the Tieran knights tried to emulate their comrades from Soren. The line of the Tieran Protectorate would rise from the greatest Soren Knight Reffus.




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